Freja & Terry

freja-beha-terry-richardson1 freja-beha-terry-richardson7 freja-beha-terry-richardson6 freja-beha-terry-richardson5 freja-beha-terry-richardson4 freja-beha-terry-richardson3 freja-beha-terry-richardson2

Love these laid-back photos of Freja Beha Erichson by Terry Richardson, the pair have also worked together a number of times for campaigns of one of my favourite brands, Zadig & Voltaire. 

zadig-voltaire-2014-fall-winter-campaign1 zadig-voltaire-2014-fall-winter-campaign2 zadig-voltaire-2014-fall-winter-campaign3 ZV_Pubs_Master_Hiv13_220x285 ZV_Pubs_Master_Hiv13_220x285 zadig-voltaire-fw-ads3 zadig-voltaire-fw-ads4 zadig-voltaire-fw-ads5 zadig-voltaire-fw-ads6

All photos from Fashion Gone Rogue 



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